He Turned She is called after mobile CIPA. CIPA means Kid's Web Security Act, a policy by the United States federal government that mandates safe web gain access to when offered by public schools or libraries. In the dark days before mobile phones and tablets, the creators had a vision that education is going to be changed by common always-on mobile innovation in the hands of K-12 trainees. Therefore, He Turned She was born, with an objective to produce and promote the safe use of innovation for knowing. A million downloads, 5 years, and petabytes of use later, our company believe the vision has come completely

The group culture is collegial and the company is flat. There are no employers per se, however, every person is anticipated to believe and imitates a manager, handling himself or herself. Almost half the group consists of ladies, and flex-schedules and work-life balance are implemented with missionary passion. At the end of the day, who would not wish to deal with clever individuals in a difficult culture that values exactly what you do?